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The ASEA Elections Committee has certified the results of the 2018 AFSCME Delegate Election. The report can be accessed from the following link below. Note that funding for six delegates from ASEA has been budgeted.

ASEA Elections Committee Report--May 31, 2018 (AFSCME 2018 Delegate Election Report)

AFSCME Convention Delegates/Alternates – Limited Attendance to Convention

ASEA/AFSCME Local 52 has been allocated 12 delegate positions to the AFSCME Convention, however, attendance and expenses will be limited to six (6) delegates due to sufficient funds not being available to send a full delegation. (See below, ASEA Constitution, Article 14.01.B). The top three (3) elected at-large delegates will attend with the President, Secretary and Treasurer, as designated in the ASEA Constitution, Article 14.01.A.

Please note, all Delegates and 12 alternates will be credentialed with AFSCME. Delegates and Alternates that wish to attend at their own expense will be provided Business Leave for attendance and participation at the Convention.

In May 2018, the ASEA State Executive Board voted unanimously to limit attendance at the AFSCME Biennial convention to the 6 members (president, secretary, treasurer and 3 at large delegates) as required by article 14.01 A & B of the ASEA Constitution, due to sufficient funds not being available to send a full delegation.

14.01 Delegates/Alternates.

A. The president, secretary, and treasurer, elected in accordance with Article 7 of this constitution, shall serve as delegates to AFSCME biennial conventions. The president shall be the first delegate, the secretary shall be the third delegate and the treasurer shall be the fifth delegate.

B. At-large delegates to the AFSCME biennial convention shall be elected from the general membership. The nominee with the most votes shall be the second delegate. The nominee with the second-most votes shall be the fourth delegate. The nominee with the third-most votes shall be the sixth delegate. If sufficient funds are available to send a full delegation, the remainder of the delegates shall be elected from the general membership. The number shall not exceed the number allocated by AFSCME (see Article IV, Section 6, of the AFSCME Constitution).